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Shark Fin Soup Perils...all true!


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Click the Chinese flag image above for the postcard that won't let them forget , and sent it to Chinese Embassies, agencies, restaurant's that serve the diabolical Shark Fin soup or related products!Stop the bloody shark finning. It's an eco-catastrophe causing shark extinctions http://www.seawitchartist.com/shark-fin-soup.htm

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You want to celebrate the year of the Dragon, Chines New Year 2012 with Shark Fin Soup? Think again! 

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'The 1997 Shark Fin Soup plot' was a purge by Deng Xiaoping
During a recent visit to Tsingtao in north China I met a young brewery worker, who cannot be named, from the Tsingtao brewery, something the Germans left behind from their Colonial days there. He had quietly called on me at my Hotel asking me to come and see his fathers friend who had been close to late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping since the revolutionary period.
He knew about the '1997 Shark Fin Soup plot' The wizened old man I met was well oiled on Tsingtao beer and for a fee of $200.00 promised to tell all about the plot to return China to Maoist lines after the Tienanmen square event. Realizing that a capitalist class was growing strong in China of the 1990's , in the final weeks of his life Deng Xiaoping decided to act. Looking at the Tienanmen square event, he reasoned the adage that 'every time you shoot one, two take their place' was indeed true, and the solution to rid of this unwanted class within was..... to give it enough rope to hang itself. The enemy of the people would do the job themselves, the Old guard could watch it happen from the comfort of their own homes, no blood on their hands. All what was needed was for them to take the bait.
The means would come from the Sea....mercury poisoning via Shark Fin Soup. A cadre of several thousand political commissars was sent forth to get them to take the shark bait and instill in the minds of the non proletariat that it was essential to eat shark fin soup to be one of the in crowd and failing to supply it at business luncheon's, banquets, and posh weddings and Dog meat dinners in top restaurants was unthinkable and indeed the behaviour of the peasant class they so dearly wanted to distance themselves from.
Once the food of Chinese Emperors when the environment was mercury free, shark fin soup was priced far out the reach of the poor, Deng Xiaoping had noted this important point as well of course.So born was the most monstrous commie plot since the post war water fluoridation program started by Joseph Stalin.
Shark Fin soup carries high levels of man sterilizing mercury within it that can't be cooked out. Deng reasoned that if the stock of sharks would last long enough, the average Chinese person would be back in a blue Mao suit , riding a bicycle and dining on rice as the revolution wanted them to within thirty years.Complications like Bronco Buttocks and Shrinky Dink had not been foreseen, but in a regime like China that could be kept secret until it was to late, so didn't exactly matter! Fifteen years are down and if the plot is working the snob class who are to be eliminated will have peaked, now they will decline he said 'watch this space'! hehehhehhehehehe!!!!

Shark Fin Soup stock....


For a substantial fee Soup chef Hoo Flung Dung , who is no Gordon Ramsey, ( or is that Gordon Ramsay?) even though he cooks Frogs legs too.... spoke to me about the stock in Shark Fin Soup recipe at posh establishments like the Wanking innit too Palace restaurant where he is employed. 'The Chinese Shark's fin soup recipe needs to be boiled all day to prepare and soften the cartilage as it breaks down into needles that look like clear noodles, giving it that gelatinous texture' he explained, to start the process the chef, or chefs will take a bath in this water, breaking wind and peeing to 'add substance'...sometimes there is a little more substance than desired , but this will be passed of as Chinese Capers and such. Sharks have no bladder and urinate through the skin, this action of passing our precious bodily fluids into the soup water is to neutralise the effect of the sharks urine and the high level of mercury and other poisons it carries.'Purity of essence' he added with a sneer, 'Just what Doctor Strangelove ordered, and we aren't talking about fluoridation!' 'But is it true that this works' I asked . 'How the hell should I know' he answered, 'It's going to be boiled all day anyway if that helps?, I don't care if it's a recipe for disaster '
What does Shark fin soup taste like? 'Chicken' he said, 'We stir it with our cocks because they are fowl'...by the way, we Chinese call it Fish wing Soup, don't confuse with flying fish ok? To finish, a good foot scrub with a piece of sharkskin helps to thicken the water a little too, after an hour we get out the water and start the cooking. 'We can't rely entirely on chicken stock to give this otherwise tasteless soup a flavor, that would be foul....I mean fowl! By the way, we pile in the Monosodium glutamate, you know MSG , that's a trade secret, so don't quote me!
'Do you eat Shark fin soup yourself' I asked. 'Not for all the Tea in China' he answered, through narrowed eyes..... 'China's national dish is not for me....you know, in Saudi Arabia there is a campaign to make shark meat Haram' under Sunni Islam as it is under Shia, it is after all, a fish with no scales!
A spokesman for the group wanking Restaurant's ltd has confirmed some staff have been dismissed, including Hoo flung Dung, 'it was sabotage' he said 'shark fin soup stock does not contain chef's emissions, he was taking the piss'. He also gave our chances of getting a Michelin Star the chop!
Official news: Shark meat is now Haram, you are not allowed to Mecca this soup in Islamic
countries! Ban shark fin soup! click on picture to protest.....

Napoleon penis and sterilization...leading to Koro, aka Shook Yong

恐慌 The worlds shark population is falling like a stone, and so, incidentally, is the average penis size of the Chinese rich and middle class... because of a soup. Shark fin soup used to be an exclusive dish and one the regime of Chairman Mao frowned upon for sure. That's changing, China's enormous new middle class crave it and indeed are under social pressure to provide it at wedding receptions and banquets and poison their guests with mercury whether they know it or not. That it improves the kidneys and is an aphrodisiac is touted by it's dubious supporters. 鱼翅汤 The truth about shark Fin is it's barely fit for human consumption, often offered as a compliment it is indeed a poisoned chalice....it can sterilize men, inflict embarrassing atrophication and curling of the penis, commonly known as Shrinky Dink or Napoleon-penis and has dangerously high levels of mercury among other things...also this.... Gynecomastia, also known as gyno and pregnant dog tits, is female breast development in men. Gynecomastia ( men with tits) is a common side effect of ongoing Shark fin soup consumption. Men naturally produces a small amount of estrogen, a female hormone. When Shark fin soup are used estrogen levels can rise and or dominate. Sometimes Shark fin soup is peripherally converted to estrogen. When the shark fin soup is consumed once to often both anabolic hormone and estrogen levels rise. High estrogen levels will sooner or later cause gynecomastia in most individuals. Abruptly stopping steroid use greatly increases the odds of developing gynecomastia. Shark fin soup use causes the testicles to atrophy, shrink in size, and become dormant. Normal testicular function usually resumes a few years after shark fin soup use is stopped, but it may take several years for the testicles return to pre-shark fin soup use size and function. When shark fin soup use is abruptly stopped a condition is created where very low levels of anabolic hormones are present. The testicles have not yet resumed normal testosterone production and exogenous anabolic hormones are no longer being taken. As a result, estrogen can now dominate. Irreversible gynecomastia is almost certain to give way to the killer condition Koro, Koro is NOT caused by the mythical female fox spirit . You get piles of stories, all untrue!
The idea that Shark liver oil is a cure for the puffy nipples (Gynecomastia, is cod's wallop.
Chairman of the Shark's Fin Trade Merchants Association, Chiu Ching-cheung, is reputed to be seeking treatment for mercury micro-penis, aka shrinky dink ....after all, he will be in the know that this will give way to lethal Koro syndrome, such is the reach of Karma! In Turkey they say it makes you an ipnay?
This is not micropenis like Napoleon had, this is shrunken, mercury poisoned penis. At no point will sex drive be impaired, resulting in acute frustration as it's nearly impossible to sate due to severely curtailed manhood and vital statistics. This discomfort , characterised by squirming in the seat, drooling, and playing pocket billiards is misinterpreted in some quarters as raunchiness, and so proof that shark fin soup is an aphrodisiac. Chinese and other Asian governments are keen to keep this secret, they are extremely anxious that it doesn't cause another outbreak of Koro syndrome , aka Shook Yong as seen in Singapore epidemic of 1967, a Koro panic would stretch the health system to breaking point, and keeping it's lethal certainty a secret would now be harder than ever before, the wikiLeaks affair was a close call.  缩阳

Bronco Buttocks

臀部脂肪 Shark Fin soup growth statistics! Shanghai: Utilities clerk Pootoo Soon is a recent case of Equus Reardum, this complication of shark fin poisoning is largely restricted to women, is commonly known as 'Bronco Buttocks', it's not everyone's idea of a sexy ass, it's worse than Ghetto Butt! Generally harmless but embarrassing ballooning of the buttocks and incontinence occurs very quickly in susceptible people after medium levels of Mercury through Shark Fin soup consumption, it is now rife throughout China and occurring in Thailand also. I had shark fin soup six times last month, corporate luncheons, that sort of thing' she said. I noticed my knickers were tight and a lot of farting in the nights after, my bed was getting like a Dutch Oven... 'then last week, after a night of acute itching between the buttocks, I woke up and couldn't drag my fattened ass out of bed. The doctor was called but he only came after a long examination' she said. 'He told me I had a sexy ass, how I wish I had not eaten shark fin soup...so full of mercury and whatever else, I really took the bait ! 'At first I thought it was the work of a Chinese Witch, or Ghetto Butt, but then I was told about mercury poisoning. The Shark Fin poisoning Equus Reardom...aka Bronco Buttocks...was confirmed, the treatment, which was developed by Dr.Strangelove of Texas Instruments (Pocket-Rocket-dept) includes daily 'physiotherapy' (massage) to the affected area. A longline of people await treatment, at least they aren't on baited hooks! Click on pictures above and below to protest against shark finning

News from the front!
鱼翅壮阳 Bangkok Masseur Mee tuch-yoo , whose has a sexy ass and lovely tits means she's no porn in the game, has been in her business for thirty years, now running the respected Oil yoother Massage Parlour in suburban Bangkok, (Tel 020 7631 1430)her clientele are predominantly successful Thai and Chinese businessmen looking for some Pussy. After reading this blog she urged me to interview her. 'Is shark fin soup an aphrodisiac? ' I asked her. She looked up with a grin and a wiggle of her sexy ass...'You gotta be kidding...it's the opposite' she said 'You can tell the shark fin soup consumers a mile off, they slink in....so when you turn them that way up, your thinking I bet he's got the Shrinky Dink......flip them over and yes...just like Napoleon's micropenis! ' They need to get it off their check list, it's just not an Aphrodisiac, is full of dangers by the way, nothing like that offered in the Bangkok brothels and sex trade is...all bullshit! Many of my girls, I employ a dozen, lose the plot, fall on their sexy ass and break down in the giggles, I have to send them home'. Many of my regulars have plain dropped out of sight, I bet they are the ones that broke out in Moobs (man boobs, tits, knocker's, wood at the door) ....men are the secret market for sports bra's around here I'll bet!
Others insist on a jock strap that cuts into business I'm afraid, it rules out naughty extras, where the real money in this business is'.I wondered, and so asked 'Is shark fin soup harming your business?' 'It's disrupting it' she said, 'however there is a new class of business growing now, wives of more traditional clients are creeping in....struggling in rather, after normal hours, they demand more discretion than most. They come for the Dr.Strangelove treatment, it works, butt oh gosh it takes time! But we can make them pay through the nose, they don't have the nerve to seek help anywhere else!'. She took a deep breath and said' Sexy Ass...I mean Bronco Buttocks ..you should see what shark fin soup is doing at the back end of all this.....ghetto Butt's? Nothing! They struggle in with the ointment the doctor gives them, it takes two hours of vigorous massage to deal with a case, how much more of this am I supposed to handle?'She went on, 'I'm earning a lot of money but it's hard work, and that scratching.....uuuurrrkk! They itch continuously at the vent , you'd think they've got Threadworm, I'm always slapping their fingers. I can't get my girls involved they would screech their tits off laughing , at this rate I'm going to send them away unless the mega butts can offer mega bucks!''If you saw the price of a bowl of Shark fin soup, you'll realise they can afford me!'she sighed again 'They really ought to invent a machine for us to this...make them stop the bloody shark shark finning and ban that damn shark fin soup! I hope that sexy Basketball player Yao Ming can put it out of fashion. 'Does the treatment work?' I asked 'Now that's a trade secret!' she said 'But so far there is no alternative medicine, not Chinese, not any!' The she smiled...'Look, if you want to be in the front of fashion, why don't you buy one of those anti shark finning Tee shirts from Seawitch Artist?
Oh well, it's not the end of the World......or is it?By the way, would you like to fuck me?
(interview suspended)......By the way, see here for the Sexiest Ass in the World
Update.. since this interview Mee Tuch-yoo has acquired help from a pair of gay men, most clients find this bearable, there has to be a bottom line somewhere.
Shark fin Soup cure for Baldness?
It has been brought to our attention that Shark Fin soup is being promoted as a cure for baldness in western markets by those selling it like the Chinese Triads, they have infiltrated the client and mailing lists of the many Hair transplant clinics in the west to ferret out clients who complained they were not satisfied.
One such person was Mr A. Newbold in Hareford, England. 'I was told a three month course of cial recipe shark fin soup would restore my thatch to teenage strength' he complained 'but nothing happened, it cost me £15,000 as well' Mr Newbold has been unable to get a refund, he also concedes he cannot understand the growth on his chest of breasts and the shrinking of his penis, he feels there is a connection to this with the special recipe shark fin soup......'Fucking fish' he spat!

Final Solution, Gender Reorientation?

男性乳房 How big can Man Boobs get? Dr Sue Pee Finn has been having the worst affected man boobs cases reffered to her. These men can't be helped in the usual ways anymore, they left it too late, they are told gender reassignment is the only way forward if anything is going to be done at all. She explained 'It's better to have a woman do this, weve got that gentle touch and besides, we are the ones he is being invited to join!'
She sat up and explained 'We send them to feminisation classes to learn the skills of living as a woman before they get the Op at the Kok-chop special clinic in Canton, Wanking province is doing a roaring trade just now, just like shark fin soup is....they have to stop the sale of this soup!' Then she called....'Next! ' In came a shy man with a 44 inch bust! 'Look at the tits on this' she ruthlessly screeched!
Do Sharks fins grow back?
No, they don't. Many Chinese really do believe that sharks finned alive and returned to the water will regrow their fins for another round of soup, this is a myth circulated by the shark finning industry. Try telling Ding Dong Hed Wong that though. 'As a student my boyfriend always treated me with posh dinners and he promised me the fins grow back' she says, 'I know it's true because the waiters all said it too'.
Asking her where he is now she replied 'I don't know, his penis started vanishing and I got rid of him, that was just before I kept failing my exams , by the way, does my bum look too big in this outfit?'

The Anti Shark Finning T- Shirt...etc
At last my shop has been divided into sections, Click the picture to go there!) the arrival of the first anti shark fin soup and shark finning T- shirts, and other products like Tote bags of which many more will follow, made that essential. Featuring modified versions of a new...and instantly successful painting ..... http://www.seawitchartist.com/shark-fin-soup.htm they are not politically correct, if the left wing song sheet is what is meant by that.
In a democracy we have a right to decide for ourselves what that is. It was after a poll on this site late last year that I decided to produce the T shirt.Shark fin Soup is a barbaric disgrace that is jeopardizing the balance of nature too so let those that object wear the Tee shirt, and let the Chinese wear the stigma, they are the ones who can end it.
Warning: The following video shows a shark being finned alive.

"Serving shark fins in banquets is a tradition for Chinese people," said Chiu Ching-cheung, chairman of the Shark Fin Trade Merchants Association in Hong Kong. "Without shark fin, a Chinese banquet does not look like one at all." Then surely this means Chinese banquets will go extinct as soon as the sharks do?

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The author of this site pokes two fingers at the likes of the Chinese Triads, Costa Rican mafia, corrupt politicians and businessmen who control the global shark finning trade, you are vermin.